Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Come In Spinner

The lovely David (on Rav) has his own etsy shop selling beautiful handdyed fibre, yum yum.
My creation
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In a past sale I bought these batts

and I started spinning them last night

and they spin beautifully. Oh my, that's it I am not a knitter any more, now I spin!

ice queen 001a

Before I started spinning I used to look at blogs with fibre on and think, yeah, ok, but what's that about? Now I love love love to spin, I love to get new people spinning and I love fibre. Oh dear, I need more time.

I am still adding to the 'spin a sweater' project and still changing my mind frequently about what to knit when I am finished spinning, but for now I am enjoying the squooshiness of the handspun, soft and fluffy, more yum yum yum.

11sweater 005

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Steve said...

Repeat after me: "I am a knitter. I am a knitter. I am a knitter."

Come back into the light Jacqui!