Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nearly the end of January already?

Do you ever wonder where the time goes? As I get older I am sure the globe is spinning faster. When I was a child it was an age between summer and Christmas. Now Christmas is only just behind us and suddenly it's nearly Easter already. OK, so I exaggerate slightly but has anyone seen where I put my January because it's nearly all used up and I just don't remember what I did with the part that has already passed LOL

Things are going well on Ravelry with the p/hop knitalong so I thought now might be a good time to give some links to past blog posts which people could find helpful and also so that if anyone finds me blog for help with 'Flowers in the Rain' but isn't a member of Ravelry they can get some assistance too :)

these posts on my blog may help with lace knitting


In other, rather shocking news, I used the excel feature on Ravelry to work out how many miles of yarn I own and I have a stunning 151 miles. Twinepixies kindly calculated that I could knit 12 yards a day for the next 60 years.

Better get busy then, hadn't I? It'll be Christmas again before you know it!

Quick wip round up

Possum horseshoe stole - barley started.
Garden Party Shawl - nearly finished.
Winter Cottage Mittens - half way through mitt 2.
Tess d'Urberville shawl - half way.
cot blanket in crochet - half done.
Cot blanket in mitred squares - quarter done.
Square baby blanket - just border to complete.
Square baby blanker - border to complete and edging to add.
Secret project for YF - planning and swatching.

Yesterday I had a lovely morning with the lovely Roz.
Roz made me a tasty and healthy lunch which was very good of her as I am ready to give up on the diet :( I must try to get through this bored phase or the 6lbs I've lost so far will go back on with an additional 6 no doubt. More importantly (we'll move away from those unpleasant 'I am fat' thoughts, shall we?) we span, spinney spinney spin spin. And here's my Wildcraft Fibre and spindle club fibre all spun up.

101 yds
pot pourri
9 wpi
1aapotpourri 004a
1aapotpourri 003a

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