Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whipping through the WIP

1aamitts 004a
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Another finished item. :) Following the Garden Party Shawl I thought I'd tidy up some more Works In Progress for quick finish satisfaction and the next in the queue is my Winter Cottage Mitts.

Lovely wool, Posh of course, so soft they caress my hands as I wear them :) Sadly I spoiled a perfect finish wen blocking the first mitten (the one showing palm up on this photo) as I got interrupted when soaking the mitten preblocking and left it standing in the water for 4 hours. By the time I got back to it the colour from the variegated yarn had run into the cream contrast, not so badly as to ruin the work but enough to colour the cream and to streak in some areas so the contrast is not as strong as it is with the second mitten. So, I have odd hands! But, I guess they just match the rest of me :) and their softness is unimpaired. I have considered leaving the other mitt for 4 hours too, but I don't want to spoil its pristine finish.

I'll just have to knit more mitts!

Next on the WIP list is a simple square shawl using Shetland lace patterns, I have 4 more repeats of the border to do and then an edging to knit, haven't decided what to use for that yet. Then I am writing up the pattern, which takes much longer than you think.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing just the same thing at the moment - last week a sudden craving for socks made me pull out a pair I started in August but stalled on because of a snapped dpn. Well, they are nearly finished and it's inspired me to get going with some other things that are languishing at the moment. So, I am only 5 rows from the end of a shawl and I have 2/3 of a shalom cardigan. next week could be non-stop finished objects!!

Except I have another 3 things that are URGENTLY needing to be cast on asap....!

Casdok said...

Beautiful mitts :)