Friday, July 03, 2009

etsy update 3-7

etsy update 3-7
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The problem with not blogging for ages is knowing where to start when you come back to it.

Firstly I have an etsy shop selling Batts, roving and handspun yarn and I've just added a few new batts. The rest of the batch were sold to the ladies at the Stitch 'n' Bitch last night.

It's lovely to spend a couple of hours once a fortnight with like minded/obsessed folk. Very lovely and a real tonic.

A short while ago (mid June) I had my second pattern published in Yarn Forward magazine. There have been some changes over at YF including a new editor and going monthly. Hurray for a UK based knitting magazine with some serious patterns in. Interweave Knits is still great bt all that yarn subbing is hard work and it's a great feature of YF that they suggest 2 yarn possibilities for each pattern.

Meanwhile the last baby we looked after has moved on amidst many tears and fond farewells and a new baby is here and he's a peach. I love him to bits already. Sadly once again I am not allowed to show you a photograph :( but he's gorgeous and chubby and reminds me of DS2 when he was little. I found out today he'll be here until at least February next year and he's on the verge of walking so will be into everything by then, keeps me out of mischief. I'd like to thank Andrew for his continued support and enthusiasm and for the whole hearted commitment he shows to the babies. Every child should have someone who looks at them with love and affection and 'our' babies do - in spades.

I'm sure there are many other things that have happened between then and now and that most of the significant ones for me have been spinning related. I got a new wheel, I went to Woolfest again and I continue to be filled with bliss as I sit at my wheel. If you haven't tried it yet, what's stopping you?

I also test knit a beautiful shawl for Posh Yarn designed by Laura at FiberDreams, there are a few kits on sale in this weeks Posh update and we're hosting sa KAL over on Posh Knitters on ravelry.

OK back to my knitting as the end of term approaches and I think teach would like an Ishbel, don't you?

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