Friday, July 17, 2009

selfish by Spunky Eclectic

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Fibre Club June 09
spindle spun ply on the fly, lots to learn about consistency LOL got thicker and thicker as I went because I thought I was getting thinner and thinner so kept increasing the thickness to 'stay the same'. Started the second 50gm and it's going well but spindling takes a long time compared to wheel spinning.
Rejoined the spunky club today too :)

Last night spun up more than 100g of my Wildcraft Bluebells fibre, 2 plies of SW BFL already done, finish off the bfl/silk tonight and then make a traditional 3 ply, Using a control card so hopefully relatively consistent, fingers crossed.

Spinning every day as part of the Tour de Fleece. Loving it so far and enjoying the race too.

Started weaving on my Cricket again with some Posh Yarn Sock Club yarn - will photograph properly later :)

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