Sunday, July 19, 2009

Posh Scarf from Sock Club

Posh Scarf
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Why join a sock club if you don't often knit socks? Why! So you can make a scarf of course. :)

Posh Yarn Sock club June, Daisy, 100g, makes a plain tabby (?) weave scarf 8" x 70". Shows of the colour changes beautifully and much faster than knitting.

I need to work on my selvedges, a lot, must practice more.

Fabirc made of this yarn drapes beautifully.

Meanwhile Tour spinning continues, finished my Wildcraft Bluebell rovings last night, plied up in to a 3 ply, still drying. 300g of fibre to start with made up to 216yds of 3 ply and 19 yds of 2 ply as the SW BFL spun up to a little more yardage. Very please with how even this came out and in matching the yardages so closely :)

I'll go check if it's dry. Oh and do a wpi measurement, roughly DK by eye.

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