Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time for Tea

Look! A lovely charity shop find to cheer with the cup that cheers :) This little tea cup and plate, somebody tel me the correct name for these please, was a gem I found yesterday and went back to buy this morning. Well, I couldn't leave it behind, it's pretty!
Joyce set me off on the tea trail with this lovely gift of a tea pot, I will have to knit a cosy for it too. Anyway I had a cup of camomile tea from my new pot as a bed time cuppa last night, delicious and I swear I slept better for it. :)

As promised I am going to post photos of the finished projects from the past few months. I have been quiet largely due to being in the doldrums as my mum's health has deteriorated. We are coming to terms with the new 'normal' and my dad is coping really well with the hospital visits and day care and so on. We now have a probable diagnosis of frontal lobe dementia - I shall have to google that later tonight, but anyway the upshot is that I am back blogging and there's much to fill in from whilst I've been away.

Today's finished project is a jumper inspired by a television series, the Killing. This is my first attempt at knitting with Icelandic yarn, I used two strands of Plotulopi and knitting from the bottom up using Elizabeth Zimmermann's Easy Percentage System and a yoke. Voila!

He's hapy with it I think and I am very pleased with how it came out, definitely one to do again :)

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Vivian said...

wow! that's a really beautiful tea cup and plate you got.