Sunday, July 03, 2005

Crossing Disciplines

Thank you Maureen for the advice about my new wool stash and how I might use it in CQ. I must confess that I was not thinking outside the box and had not considered the possibilities. Especially as I sorted a huge pile of single or part balls to sell on because with so many multiple sets of balls of wool I couldn't see myself using up all the odds and ends. Now I have to go back and look at these again with a CQer's eye. There are some interesting threads among the thousands of yarns of yarn.

I was one given a beautiful presentation box of Anchor threads which has samples of various braids and metallics etc. which I have hardly used because the set was 'too nice to use' for cross stitch, now I feel CQ is just what it was made for :) I also have a large stranded cotton collection from my X stitch days. I will go through the wool collection and pull out some textured yarns to put to one side with the CQ stash.

How do I store all this hoard of goodies in a way which makes it accessible? My house looks like a Turkish/Chinese bazaar [or more accurately some days an explosion in a jumble sale :)]

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Maureen said...

When you find a good method Jaqcui,let me know!!
My stash of threads,silk ribbons,dyes,fabric paints,charms,buttons,beads,fabric,books,magazines and sundry patterns live in (mainly) two rooms in plastic see-through containers,cardboard cartons rescues from a friendly craft shop owner,long suffering husband's containers that used to hold gaskets,screws and bolts;the odd fishing tackle box.....
oh I forgot! the belt hangers that have Madeira skein packets hanging from them......
I'm sure you get the picture..utter Chaos!!