Saturday, July 30, 2005

Just realised

Just realised that the jeans I bought my foster daughter are perfect donors of sparkly bits and bobs for cq! They have sequins beads buttons ribbon and lace all over them and she has nearly grown out of them. I knew I liked those jeans a lot when I bought them :) and she's growing out of them fast - I keep feeding her!

I have finished the swap which sparked the discussion about the ethics of UFOs/swaps will post a picture once I here from the recipient that it has arrived, thank you to those who helped me decide this was an okay thing to do :)

Started some more CQ for another swap. Itching to post pictures here. If I take the link off my forum sigi then I could probably post without swap partners finding out what I am doing but I guess I should wait until the person who the gift is for has received it. It was much easier to make the naked block for this than the two previous blocks - I just did it without much dithering , chose the fabrics and then snipped and sewed and it came out how it came out. Also sewed this block by hand which was very fast and straight forward and the fabrics moved about less than the other blocks which I have done on the machine - I used to do all my dressmaking by hand, not so confident on a machine.

The open exchange of ideas and work on the CQCrazy blog has been one of the delights of this round robin. I am waiting for my next block for the RR but there's no hurry as I have lots to be getting on with. I have now seen a photo of my block too :) Thanks to Belle for sending me this

pleased with what has been done so far but it has a long way to go and still seems very naked.

Other craft projects on the go at the moment - haven't finished that bug jar quilt yet. I need to measure the sashing that goes between the rows and I think I am nervous about cutting it too short and messing the whole thing up! Haven't enough spare black to cut again if I get it wrong.

Another swap for the forum - theme winter - well under way but no clues except this is an old old craft for me that I find very relaxing and for which I have abundant resources so it's worry free work, nice for the evening when I'm not too focused - although that probably explains why I spent so much of tonight unpicking!

And last but not least my x stitch project, sleeping beauty, Mirabilia - still no progress - I think the only way to move on is to invest in a good lamp and enlarge the pattern - is there really any need for the Mirabilia patterns to be so small?

Not yet started the shabby chic bag - need to have all the pieces cut put and ready to take on holiday to do handwork in the evenings, have a few ideas but no firm plan yet.

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