Sunday, July 17, 2005


Prompted by a post on inaminuteago I thought I'd air my UFO dilemma :)

I am doing a swap and have decided to finish a UFO as the swap item. My dilemma is whether or not this is 'ethical'? I feel that in some ways it is a bit of a cop out as the project was not originally started with the recipient in mind. On the other hand it is a lovely project that I was making for myself and the new purpose has given me the push I needed to get moving again. Hmm. Still not sure that it is the right thing to do. Maybe I can okay it with myself if I tell the recipient what I have done, perhaps it is that I feel slightly dishonest if I don't 'fess up' where the item came from. I will include a photo here once it is received at the other end in case the person in question pops in. I guess all my current swap partners will now think it is them if they happen across this confession.

SharonB also talked in her post about journaling the CQ creative process. The CQ Crazy blog has been an invaluable part of the CQRR for me. I check in every day to see if there are any new posts and the photos there help me to assess my own work and see that I am not too far off the track, as a new CQer this is very helpful. More experienced CQers who are part of the RR have helped us new ones with tutorials on spider's webs and recommendations about books too. I have really enjoyed rediscovering the embroidery skills I taught myself as a teenager but there is a little nervousness when sending off a block that is someone else's as to whether you have done a satisfactory amount and of a high enough standard. It is also reassuring to see that other newbies have the same worries.

Here is a picture of the herringbone seam I blogged about previously. The two attempts that I did of this for two different CQ blocks were so small that I couldn't take satisfactory photographs - for this one, on my own second block, I deliberately tried to sew large crosses. As it was on my own block I was not so nervous about not being neat. A you can see the stitches get larger as I sewed along the seam.

also this is the whole block so far.
Actually seeing it here on the screen makes me realise that it is all still very small so far and the block still looks very bare. I guess that is one of the uses of the blog; when you are sewing all your attention is on the seam you are working on at the time and the focus is very narrow, the image of your work fills your view. But step out a little by seeing it here and it there is still a long way to go. Very interesting. I must remember to check back here for a 'whole block' shot when I have done some more. Thank you to SharonB for helping me to be a little more analytical :)

My one disappointment with the CQCrazy blog is that my own block sent naked out into the world has not put in an appearance on the blog, nor have any photos of it been posted to the MSN site so I have no idea what has happened to it yet. Maybe someone will take pity on me and post a photo of it soon, it can't be long before it comes home now, can it.? Surely it must be at least half way round.


Chloe said...

I reckon it is fine to pass on something like that, as long as it fits the swap criteria - ie you are not sending a needlebook when a bag is what is called-for.

I could even do things like - I have this bag block pieced with just a few seams done. The swap calls for a needlebook. Yep - I would trim that block.

I could never, however, send out in a swap something that had been in a Round Robin and never completed. It would have to be my own work. That would be beyond the pale.

Hope said...

I agree with Chloe, I have completed a couple of items for swaps that were in danger of becoming UFO's mainly because I had wanted to do the item and had no-one in mind to give it to. Each item fitted the theme and I was greatly pleased that all the previous work and care that I had put into the item was now being enjoyed by someone who appreciated it, rather than languishing in my cupboard. I also agree about the round robin comment. I have told my swap partners that the item has a bit of history, but I think that should be your own personal decision to divulge.

sharonb said...

Gosh I am thrilled that keeping the blog - and journalling is assisting you in learning CQ its a real buzz to read - thanks