Sunday, September 11, 2005

Is this how you design?

I had a wonderful moment this afternoon. DH and I were out with little X at a preserved railway. I was riding along, in the late summer sun, with my head stuck out of the window of the carriage, smoke and steam billowing past. We paused for the engine to run round at the end of the line and opposite me was a corn field, harvested and now all stubble. Around the margin of the field the wild flowers were growing up through the stray corn and stubble. Suddenly I saw for the first time ever a scene that made me want to stitch it.

I have discussed here previously, how working on my bags of fun bag has enabled me to enter new territory in drawing my own patterns for the work I have done. To take a step away from slavishly following someone else's design. This is another new step. I looked at the field in a new way and 'saw' the image I wanted to create in stitches, ideas began to leap into my mind of what stitches and which threads. Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me, and my visual memory is weak so I do not know if I will ever actually capture those colours. But for now the amazing thing is the idea, the desire so sew something that I have seen and I have interpreted in stitch. Wow, I cannot really convey how it felt.

Since Wednesday's meeting about X I have been feeling down and blue, today was especially bad and traces of that malaise remain, but now I also have a warm, but somewhat frightening new feeling. I can do this design thing, can't I? I never thought I could before, I never realised I wanted to, but somewhere I had the ability I didn't know I had. Now ALL I need to do is to realise it, make it real. Oh, is that all? LOL. But, no, I should not disparage :) the hardest most surprising part is done. I had the idea! Is this how you design?


Calidore said...

Go for it. What is the worst that can happen? That it doesn't work! Well sure it might not, but then again it might; and you will surprise yourself. Life is all about taking risks. It would be pretty boring if you didn't try something new every now and then.

Keep up the good work with your blog. I love reading about your bag. Makes me wish I had started one, but I am being strong and not getting off track by trying something new. I have to finish what I have already been working on.

Sharon said...

I can only agree with everything that calidore has said... Plus I award you five gold stars for trying....

Leeanne said...

Jacqui, Keep your chin up about things. As long as you know in your heart that you have done right and have helped that is the main thing. And hope and prayers do really help too.

I love your bag and how you have shaped the lady, I've never seen anything like that before. Very effective.
What are you going to do with your bag when it is finnished?

Vivienne said...

Before you forget your visual image of the cornfield, quickly grab a few coloured pencils or some water colour paints and draw/paint a primitive image of the cornfield, dabbing on the coloured wildflowers around the edge. THEN, sew from your own imperfect, primitive image and your embroidery will be even more creative and original. I learnt that when I was studying for my City and Guilds Stitch Design Course which once it got really contemporary and silly, didn't interest me anymore so I dropped out but not before I'd learnt some wonderful lessons!