Sunday, September 18, 2005

Katrina, caring and craft coming in a poor third :(

Just a quickie to let anyone know I am still here :) Very hectic fortnight but I have been crafting :) Only things for swaps in the last few days so I will have to wait to post photos as I have limited myself to posting them after the opening date in case partners peek in here and get a surprise they didn't want to see - yet.

So I have been doing an appliqued Christmas block for the friendship block swap - that's my September one - can't believe this year is winding down already but I have a beautiful stash of red school house blocks which I look forward to making into something in December - probably January!

I am 3/4 of the way through another scarf to the same pattern as my winter swap (see earlier) this one will go in the 'christmas presents I have made' box.

I have joined the Katrina 'all that Jazz' block project over on flickr hosted by SharonB - looking forward to having the time to browse all the other contributors blogs and learn loads.

My bag was well received for the shabby chic bag swap but my partner is unwell so I still have my bag to look forward to - Hi Kelly :)

I have done some work on my bags of fun bag but not as munch as I would like. I am really ready to be finished with my maiden now :) I just need to dress her - the stitching around her shows up quite well and is in different shades of pink but the darker tones don't photograph clearly so fill in the blanks for yourself.

Planning for a doll swap and a private doll swap which will be great fun - have lots of ideas for that one

Also made the second block of an online BOM

- with all these blocks lying around I made a protective folder (fabric) to keep them in until I make them up, happily used a UFO grandmother's garden to decorate the front. So all my blocks are cosily housed between clean white felt sheets until I need them :)

The caring of this title is my children and foster daughter. Big kids back to school this week and it has taken me a while to adjust to being at home with little one again. Very hectic rushing about not getting much done sort of week. Would be very nice to be back at the cottage :) X's mum annoyed me on my birthday too :( but I will survive and that which doesn't kill us ....

More later ... time permitting!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday !!!! I remember you and I share the same birthday - 16th Sept... I hope you had an enjoyable day!!!!!

Leeanne said...

Happy Birthday Jacqui, sorry I didnt know earlier. It is a wonder you get a chance to craft and do all your lovely work with such a busy household. I like reading your up dates and hearing what your up to.