Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Updating the update :)

My swap partner for the winter swap did like her scarf - phew! What a relief :) Feel happier that knitting was an acceptable choice as she knitted for her partner too - a down the line swap.

R has also received her embroidered heart and is pleased so that's good too. I told her she can redo the beads if she wants, still not sure about them myself :(

Have completed the first block of an on line block of the month (BOM) Jacobs ladder first time I've made this block and it went together smoothly. I am using 1930s reproduction fabrics from my stash and may make this the Christmas quilt for my niece depending on how it turns out and time available to make her another one.

This photograph was taken under artificial light and this has yellowed the colours. I prefer to photograph in daylight but nearly always sew at night! Anyway it gives an idea of what I have done craftwise today.

My sewing tonight was very therapeutic as I have had a negative day. Looked After Child Review meeting for little X. I like meetings normally (school governors, statement review, parents evenings, etc.), the structure and invitation to speak ones mind constructively, the social outlet in a controlled setting - I don't know why, I know lots of people hate them, but me I love it, the formality appeals! In fact I went to a very sloppily run meeting a couple of months ago and I really wanted to take over and do it properly hehehe. These meetings, however, are different, they are so negative and achieve so little. Excellent chairperson, lots of structure but such unhappy and desperate people with such unhappy and desperate lives, making so little if any progress between each meeting. They leave me feeling very gloomy.

So my Jacobs ladder has pulled me out of that grey place and back into the sunshine :) I have another BOM project which has been gathering dust since January. I think the forum feedback and the personal contact via email with the teacher has made this a totally different undertaking for me :)

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