Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ted's BoM quilt block 3

Ted's BoM quilt block 3
Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.

Here is the third in the series of blocks for Charlee's quilt - a free BoM with patterns and instructions via the web. This phot is much better than the previous ones as it was taken in daylight and shows much more acurate colours. I don't know why Ted chose to put a border around the stars instead of having them but up to the sashing but it is a pretty block and I like these fabrics.

Otherwise this week has been pretty craftless. I now have two scarves in the 'made this for christmas' box. Probably one each for mum and grandma depending how much time I have to do anything else.

Planning to do another applique block for the friendship block swap and then crack on with the bags of fun bag. Also have 2 dolls to make one for a forum swap and the other a special one for a private swap (looking forward to that one, but not started yet). I have also signed up for a christmas ornament swap and they should be nice little projects so may do one of those before cracking on with the rest.


belle said...

This is a pretty block Jam, the colours you've used really show it off nicely. Can't wait to do mine now, was putting it off, I thought it was a pineapple!!!

tell us more about your private doll swap,what are you thinking of doing?.....vbg

Maureen said...

I haven't seen the friendship stars incorporated like that before Jammie...Is it as easy as the one star to a block?
It looks "good"!
Your doll:is it to be a cloth doll?A character,or an art doll?