Saturday, June 03, 2006

Still here

I have had the worst head cold - excusesexcuses! And, I have been sewing secrets! Things for swaps that cannot be revealed, so you will have to wait and wonder. But my CQRR block has put in a brief tantelising appearance on CQCrazy, so pop over there and have a peek at what is going on. Scroll down and look at all the blocks as they begin to be embellished.

I will be back with some pictures tomorrow as i am feeling much better and ready to talk again - not like me to be quiet :o)


Maureen said...

Sorry to read you've been unwell........hope you're on the mend very soon!

Sharon said...

I can only echo what maureen has said... Take good care of yourself... If I was there it would be a good old hug, a nice hot drink and tucked up in bed and of course the latest stitching mag...:-))) xxxxx

Leeanne said...

Dont be sorry. I've had the same head cold... ahh the sinus pressure. Today was the first day I'd be able to do any knitting.

Hope your feeling better soon.