Sunday, September 10, 2006

clapotis finished

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At last I can do something else!

Clapotis was compulsive, and I love the Lorn's Lace Black Purl, so i am wearing it now, without blocking. *shock horror - the knitting police will be round any minute!*

I thought I wasn't going to have enough yarn so I made it one repeat narrower but had plenty so made it one repeat longer and still had some over *sigh!* should just follow the pattern, right?! But, no, I am happy with the result and the extra length makes it lovely and cuddly.

Next one will be in the Noro Silk Garden that I bought originally to do this one in, pattern looks a lot more complicated than it really is once you get knitting.

Lots of sewing to catch up on so I am NOT casting on anything new, Not, I say, NOT. If I say it often and loud enough does that make it true? VBG.

Must finish DD's top as she has tutted in disgust at every session that went into the Clapotis. I'll get some better photos in daylight too as the flash really doesn't do that lovely yarn justice, but, Oh!, the price! No don't think about the price, just feel the quality, ladies, feel the quality.

birthday SEX planned for saturday coming, off to Pavi yarns for a rumage. Plastic needed, delay the pain whilst enjoying the gain, well ... it is my birthday, you know!



belle said...

Oh, well done, looks lovely, although a photo in good light will be nice. Do we get to see the wearer vbg

Birthday SEX ??? does dh know yet lol .... well, have fun.

And go do some sewing you have a row due :)

Lyonheart said...

I absolutely love your clapotis, enjoy wearing it lots and lots! What did you treat yourself to at Pavi?