Saturday, September 16, 2006

pavi stash

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Feeling very blissful this evening, must be the SEX


sorry immi :o)

This is what I bought on our forum group trip to Pavi Yarns. I also met 5 other ladies from the Angel Yarns Forum. It was lovely to meet people you 'chat' to every day and they are all great. Isn't it good that our crafting communities embrace so many different people and that by shareing the one thing we have in common, craft, that we learn how much else we share too.

So, 4 pattern books, 500g suri Alpaca *drool* some feza (totally mad yarn) a couple of variety thread packs for the cq, some dragonfly buttons also for cq, and some Australian wool wash. There are some beautiful kids patterns in the books so expect to see some of those in the future. The Feza, well it's a bit pricy but totally crazy! not sure why I like it, but I do. I'll try to get a closer picture in daylight tomorrow so you can see what i mean. The alpaca is probably destined for a shawl at some point, no yardage on the lables.

The lovely Karen & Paul at Pavi were excellent hosts, and very helpful with info about their stock, and made us all feel very welcome, thank you again. I showed Terri how to crochet which makes me think i should do some m,ore crochet :o) All in all a lovely day, made even better by DH's charming and supportive attitude in taking little one out for the day whilst I shopped till I dropped.

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Sharon said...

Happy Birthday J !!!!!! Did you have a great day??? More stash building I hope...