Monday, September 04, 2006

clapotis progress

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I think I haven't ordered enough yarn for my Clapotis (pattern at so i have done one less repeat for the increase rows. This will make it a little narrower than the patern but only by 12 stitches. I measured the length on the pattern and decided I needed every inch!
So far i have done 4 repeats of the straight rows. The back looks like this
clapotis2and you can see on this photo that I am following a tip I got on the Angel Yarns Forum. Instead of using stitch markers to indicate which stitches to drop I am purling that stitch on knit rows ad knitting it on purl rows. As this stitch will be dropped and unravel down to for the ladder it doesn't effect the final Clapotis but does make the knitting quicker.

I am using Lorna's lace Lion & Lamb which is beautiful and soft ad i love the colours (Black Purl) I am really looking forward to wearing this everywhere and with everything!

At the right of the photo above you can see the reverse riew of the ladder

and here is the right side view

with blocking the ladder will open up a bit, but i love it laready. Everything else has taken a back seat. ;o)

On the down side I can't get into my other forum and on the one occassion i did manage to get in it wouldn't let me reply to a pm so I have sent an email but the address is one I sometimes have trouble with. I hope you will know who you are and that I am trying to talk to you :o) Nothing important but a chat would be lovely. Hope you can feel the positive vibes in the meantime ROFLOL

Also in progress I should say that i am ready to pick up and knit the sleeves on DD's jumper but I tried late last night and ended up doing them inside out VBG so I've left that for now.

I haven't started my swapee's socks yet for the AY sock swap but I have everything ready to go. Another pair of socks still otn, bertie scarf half done, and various other bits and bobs.

i need to put the knitting down for a few days as I have some deadlines to meet for other things, you know, it seemed like a good idea at the time but now I am wondering ...

Plus teenage DS (the Aspie one) starts College tomorrow - wahoo - fingers crossed, it's a long story.


belle said...

Liking the look of your clapotis so far, that colour is gorgeous. No wonder you don't to do anything else vbg

Good luck to ds for his first day at college.... a big step for both of you.

Miss our chats too :(

Badger said...

That's looking absolutely beautiful :)