Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hope's row

hope's row1
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Here's the latest row in the row by row quilt swap I am in. This pattern is called magnolia buds and is from the 'quilter's cache' site. It is a week late going off but I have finally finished and I'm pleased with how it came out. Points are far from perfect, but hey!

My next row is for Linda. Haven't even begun to look at that, but cq is coming first :o)

Knitting? Not a stitch for days, cat is sick and I'm back and forth to the vets, poor love has renal failure, old bag of bones that he is (previously known as fatcat). He's in the 'hospital' on a drip :o( Big tears from DD. We wait and see if the treatment works.


modelwidow said...

Sorry to hear about poor puss, I`ll cross my fingers for you.

Maureen said...

The RxR looks good J!
Poor "fatcat"'s horrible when old age & renal failure hit our fur babies.
Hugs for you & DD and strokes for him.

Lyonheart said...

Oh no - poor Fatcat. Sending lots of love and hugs xxx