Friday, January 11, 2008

bluemoon fibre arts

bluemoon 001
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The madness continues!

ordered this before Christmas so it isn't really breaking the stashalong ~(yeah, that's right, just keep telling yourself that). Over a month in transit but worth the wait.

It is going to be this here

I want to cast on now but I must finish the fair isle cardi for Kerrie's project club first and then a family member has asked me to knit a baby shawl for her grandson whose wife is expecting their first baby,. She has left the pattern choice to me so any suggestions? Two stipulations, 4 ply and white.


gilraen said...

I love the yarn and pattern for it! Anne is a fantastic designer!!

Good choice!

Anonymous said...

That is lovely too - I've got a few of her patterns but have yet to tackle one!

Re the baby shawl - what about the Spanish Christening Shawl in Folk Shawls (I think you've got the book!) or would that be too simple?

Looking forward to seeing the fairisle cardi!!

Abi x

YarnSnob said...

any shawl that you knit up is always beautiful :)

Jacqui said...

why thank you kind lady :o)

dodo said...

Looks gorgeous Jacqui - I wouldn't have the patience!

jo xx

Fiona said...

Lovely yarn - fantastic project plan. No idea on baby shawls, I'm afraid.