Thursday, January 31, 2008

I AM still here, honest

It's due to this blanket that I am hooked on squares, such an easy take along project. I've been doing a lot of hanging about waiting over the past week and, with this in my bag, I've been happy to have the time to knit, even if it is sat sitting in the car rather than at home on the sofa.

Unfortunately I am running out of Flamingo so if anyone has a ball lurking in their stash i'd love to buy it off you or swap for something else in my stash maybe? Help! Oh and i know my mitres aren't doing that lining upcreating a pattern hingy but I am trying to end up with no ends to darn in, lazy, moi? Yeh, well, needs must when the devil drives and my devil is lack of knitting time, that's my excuse :o)

My 'at home' project is the cardi for HipKnit's Project Club and here I am behind *blushes* unfortunately this means that the club members are waiting for me to finish before they get their pattern. As the design is an original by Kerrie there is no photo for the pattern until i finish, and I am nearly there, ladies, and knitting as fast as I can. The test knit also confirms yarn ammounts and pattern instructions so I really do think it is better to wait so I can only grovel and say I am very very sorry.


Soo said...

Mitre squares seem like a calming thing to knit. So neat and tidy.

Sadly, I have no Flamingo yarn to donate to the cause!

Queen of the froggers said...

The squares look great. I hope you manage to get hold of more yarn for them.

kathryn said...

I've got two other pinkish Opal balls but no Flamingo....Sorry.

Mitre squares are incredibly soothing aren't they?

YarnSnob said...

aargh!! I just sold one ball of Flamingo in my stash!! :( Sorry....but that is one stunning blanket

Michaela said...

I love your blanket - how exciting that you're now hooked on little squares! Sorry no Flamingoes at this house but hope you find some somewhere!