Wednesday, January 09, 2008


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Well, as expected, I began the year with firm intentions to stashalong until The Great Hoard was somewhat under control. According to Ravelry I have over 44km of yarn and, baby, it aint all on there yet! The true figure may be nearer 80, gulp!

So, I was fully intending not to buy any more. I had it all planned.

I would radically cull the stash by strictly assessing the likelihood of ever using each lot, and selling (to a good knitting-loving home) those I know I will never use. You know, there is stuff I know I will never use. Much of it inherited, but in jumper quantities which makes me keep it 'just in case'

But I was slow, too slow.

Others had the same idea and they, being more organised than I, began to list their items for sale on forums. I valiantly resisted Dee's temptations (by avoiding the sale altogether). But now I had the temptation of other people's stash to contend with, and, it is sadly true, I was weak.

I could not resist.

fish090108 117

But you see, dear reader, it was a bargain.

I was helpless, I succumbed.

*whispers* Isn't it gorgeous? G o r g e o u s! I give in.


Michaela said...

Where did you find that? Good job you got there before me as no way would I have let anyone else have that! It's beautiful - I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

I think that wool was made for you - how could you not buy it! Abi x

Nevisknitter said...

so it was you who got the bargain, I am not buying more stash either but would have gone for that, the colours are lovely

YarnSnob said...

it would have been mine if you hadn't bought it lol :(

Vanessa said...

Beautiful yarn is my downfall every time. I don't blame you! Which colorway is that?

(notice I'm still asking about pretty colors even after having calculated via Ravelry my stash mileage, thinking at 47 miles I was comparable to yours - so I didn't feel too bad - until I then translated that to kilometers and found that I'm at 75! And like you, I don't even have it all in there! Umm... uh oh?)