Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thank You Mum.

A while ago I said I'd show you my Mum's knitting. My Mum always apologises for her knitting and points out any errors. Please don't, it is excellent. When she visited recently she brought the yellow cardi with her and asked me if it was alright for her to continue making little things for my foster baby! Of course it is! If the baby waited for me to knit her something she might have to wait a long time and she'd probably get a nice lacy scarf! Ha. Thank goodness for Grandmas, especially foster Grandmas.

Thank you Mum.

It's great having a Mum who knits, unfortunately she lives a long way away so I don't get to go to the LYS with her very often, or to chat knitting. But the very best reason for having a Mum who knits is that it was she who taught me to knit.

I was 6.

When we did knitting at school I remember being the only one who could already do it and I helped the teacher to cast on for the other kids :) That's a good memory to have. Thank you Mum.

As I have got older knitting has become a very important creative outlet for me. I have never been any good at drawing or painting or anything 'arty' but now I know that I can do knitting. i enjoy knitting, it stimulates parts of my imagination that nothing else touches. It makes me happy, contented, successful. I love knitting, thank you Mum.

Whilst Mum was here I was able to give her a copy of Yarn Forward which has my first 'in print' article in. I had an article in CQOnline (waves to Belle who edited me :) for that) and this feels like another good knitting thing.

I bought some extremely squooshy yarn for the Anne Hanson snow shawl. I'd like to recommend this yarn seller, the yarn is gorgeous the packing was excellent the postage was quick and the communication by email was very speedy and friendly. Now do I do a triangle or a square? Such a dilemma hehehe, my life is full of such happy decisions, aren't I lucky?

Garden Party is stalled just past the corner of the border. I have been captivated by the Swallowtail Shawl KAL on Ravelry. Just finished the buds pattern repeats and now I begin the nupps. Hah! My first nupps.


Soo said...

The swallowtail is looking lovely....enjoy the nupps - just remember LOOSE is the key!

And what a wonderful story about your mum teaching you to knit and being able to help the teacher and feeling special! :)

Beautiful baby knitting JamMam's Mum!

Queen of the froggers said...

Your Mums knits are great. I had never heard of blackwork before so was interested to read your article. Unfortunatly I am not buying YF this time so won't see your other one.

Kai said...

Aww.. What a lovely Mum! And it looks like perfect knitting to me!

Congrats on being published. :)

yvette said...

Your swallowtail is lovely, I loved knitting mine, even the nupps and love wearing it. I love to see babies in handknits, your mums knitting looks great.