Thursday, April 03, 2008


Nearly finished the body of the GP shawl, just the edging to add, I say just ... it may take some time.

Meanwhile a few yarn photos to keep you busy, first Yarn Yard bamboo

plessy woods 30.03.08 002

last weeks Posh

plessy woods 30.03.08 001

and this weeks Posh with Dee's lovely photos




now I must go on a diet :) and I must knit faster

Oh apart from the lovely purple Natalie is dying for me :) and the hite I have ordered for the shawl from Knitspot. I think that's it, for now. But I am going to a show on Friday which might have something, I am intnding to look for needles, last time I was there I was interested in quilting so I don't remember how many knitting stands they had. i'll let you know :)


Queen of the froggers said...

What a lot of lovely yarns! The blue bamboo is nice.

Viknits said...

Lovely yarns! :) Love your pi in the post below, it's huge! Well done, it's lovely :)

YarnSnob said...

You bought the ones I wanted yet again :(