Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yarn Yard

This week I have mainly been knitting this

adding this

like this

and buying this

whilst surfing this.

The Garden Party is coming along fine, just adding the border, I may be some time....

The yarn is Natalie's bamboo 4 ply which she custom dyed for me, isn't it lovely I think it may become my Simurgh. I liked it so much I wound it straight away. Natalie was brilliant to work with (ok she did all the work) and kept me in touch with what was happening with friendly emails all the way, if you've ever thought of asking for some custom dyed yarn, I'd say 'do it!'


Anonymous said...

Both are gorgeous colours can't wait to see Simurgh.

Anonymous said...

Both are gorgeous colour, can't wait to see Simurgh.

Kai said...

Both absolutely gorgeous!!

Queen of the froggers said...

That is beautiful.

kathryn said...

Your shawl is beautiful and I love the colour!