Saturday, July 01, 2006


Do you remember the lilac Debbie Bliss Pure Silk skeins in my stash picture?

Well, I have found the perfect project.

I belong to an excellent knitting forum .

One of the other members entered a competition in one of the UK hand knitting mags and was one of the winners. Her design, Bertie was in this months issue of Simply Knitting and we are having a knitalong. I have ordered my beads and I will be ready to go when they arrive. Why not join us? Instructions for joining the knitalong are on the website (click on the knitalong link). Bronte's blog can be found here. There is a free download for her pattern on the blog.

I have never knitted with beads before so this will be somethig a bit different. Should I thread or hook? :o) This scarf will be for me to keep :o)

PS the swatch turned out to be the right size (18 x 26 - near as damn it) once it was washed and blocked so I started the DB Lace & Bobble cardi. Pattern repeats being differnt numbers to the row repeats and increases, is a little confusing so i am knitting with trusty pen and scarp of paper at my side.

Just thought, it probably wont be long until I loose that scrap of paper! VBG


Leeanne said...

Thought I'd say Hi. Cant wait to see what your going to knit.

Debra said...

Pretty yarn! Will watch for the scarf... that will be heaven in the silk.