Sunday, July 30, 2006

DB lace & bobble and happy hloidays

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I found out how to get knitting time - go on holiday! This is where I'm at on the DB Lace & Bobble cardi pattern here. I need to add the ribbing, but I didn't take my Denises with me so couldn't change needle to start the rib. Very pleased with how it is coming along and no further problems with the pattern, yet :o) So I plan to start the rib tonight.

Row by row due for Ted very soon, I had intended to get this done before I went away but didn't *rolls eyes* so I must start soon. Ted is using Thimbleberries fabrics and likes sew a row patterns so that's where I start :o)

I took the kids ( 3 teenagers and 1 age 3) to the cottage near Longframlington, Northumberland. This used to be a farm workers cottage on a lovely quiet farm where they 'bring on' cattle, so apart from the gentle lowing [and the noise we all made (!)] it was lovely and quiet. No traffic noise and as we live on a main road that is the major attraction for me.

It would have been green too - it was last year - but because of our heat wave (it officially got hot enough this far north too this week!) it was all looking a bit scorched! Anyway, still lots of green trees and the heat wave broke yesturday (according to the weather man) and we had some rain.

All home safely but I am missing the knitting time already :o)

Knitted this
at Alnwick Castle whilst the kids jousted! As you can see I didn't get much done but that counts as my knitting in public for this week :o)

Little one had a great time in the water garden getting completely soaked - I had a change of clothes ready! read more about Alnwick Castle and garden here and here.

we also went to heatherslaw light railway and had a good time.

Back to reality and squeezing the craft time in around everything else - ah well, until next year...


belle said...

So nice to have you back :)

Lovely to see your 'holiday snaps' too, wish we had castles like that here.

Cardi's looking good, good luck with the ribbing.

Badger said...

The jacket's coming on really well! Can't wait to see the FO :)