Friday, July 21, 2006

Digital cameras scanners and wax crayons!

Hello all, I have finished the first front of the DB cardi, I am well on the way to finishing the second side and then I will be onto the back and as the sleeves are knitted in with the fronts I shall be 'nearly finished' well trying to be optimistic. I'm not looking forward to the ribbing but we'll cross that hurdle when we reach it.

Meanwhile I have also finished a gorgeous wonderful beautiful butterfly motif for the CQRR. I can say this without fear of contradiction because I can't find the digi camera (kids!) and the scanner isn't working since it was forced to swallow the wax crayon by the 3 yr old (kids!) so I am unable to post a piccie. Grrr! Very frustrating. However I will not let the butterfly out of my hot little hand until I have captured it's brilliance (it's going to be something of a disappointment now isn't it?) for posterity. I really wanted to post today too as we are off on hols for a week tomorrow VBG but the best laid plans and all that.

Maybe more later with piccie when teenage DD returns (kids!)

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