Saturday, July 08, 2006

bertie is growing!

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Here's that scarf I am making to use up the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. Bertie by Bronte of Confessions of a graveyard Gypsy is a knitalong (blog here).

So far so good. One small mistake :o) didn't read the instructions properly so missed off the garterstitch border along the bottom. Additionally I only have 200 beads not the 250 recommended. I will knit until the beads run out and then see how long that makes the scarf. It doesn't take long to get the beads from Beads Direct but I may add a fringe to disguise the edging error along the bottom.

I am enjoying the beads and the pattern is easy to learn and the errors are quickly spotted in the next couple of rows so the tinking isn't too bad. Without the beads the repetition of the lace would get a bit monotonous I think but the beads add another variable to keep me awake.

Colour of the photo isn't accurate - the yarn is lilac and the beads are silver. Pure Silk is lovely and soft. I am using bamboo needles and not finding it too slippy, only complaint is that it splits a little if I go too fast but on the whole nice yarn which shows the stitch definition wonderfully. Might be a problem in a larger garment with lots of stocking stitch as my knitting is not always very even but for something like this it is fine. :o)

i am a little further than half way through the first ball - those beads are disappearing fast. Think i should order some more? Fingers crossed they breed over night and i find there are plenty in the morning :o)


belle said...

Very elegant, you clever thing, you :)

Hope you went and ordered those beads vbg

Lyonheart said...

looking lovely, I would vote for the ordering more beads option - and your db jacket looks gorgeous too