Wednesday, July 05, 2006

from Lyn

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I have been beavering away on the DB cardi but spent a large part of today tinking yesturdays work - I managed to loose a stitch in the pattern pannel somewhere - 1 yo too few! Fixed now but also found I couldn't do the increase row as a pattern row with the way I had counted the rows so had to add a purl row first. Guess my trusty piece of paper wasn't so trusty *rolls eyes* I am so glad i am doing this project as part of a knitalong as I think i would have big problems understanding the pattern without help.

For example, it says "mark side edge of last row with a coloured thread". Fine! But ... which is the side edge, the side with the sleeve on - i.e. the outside , or the side with the button band on. Ok, so the button band would be the centre of the cardi right? So it must mean the other side. But, if this is the left front is that the left as you look at it when someone else is wearing it, or is it the left when you are wearing it yourself? You see, not clear, written for hard of understanding knitters, instructions! So I marked both sides and hope all will become clear once the sleeve cast ons are knitted.

Some kind forum members of the knitalong have also worked out the spacing between the pattern panel is 7 stitches for the size I am doing (36-38) otherwise who knows what might have happened when I got to that bit as the pattern doesnot make the spacing clear.

Meanwhile back at the non-knitting front I have made some decorations for Lyn, *waves to Lyn* who sent me these in a recent Christmas in Jult swap. Aren't they pretty? Will reveal mine later when Lyn has received them.

Tomorrow the pictures for the cqrr of the next blocks I need to work on. And probably more knitting.

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