Thursday, August 31, 2006

Black Purl LL

Black Purl LL
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The Clapotis is begun! In Lorna's Lace Black Purl which is gorgeous in the flesh. Surprised to find it has green in though. Just wound the ball so far VBG but small steps.

DD's jumper is coming on, front done, back nearly there, shoulders will be 3 needle cast off. then pick up for the arms and knit short sleeves. Some kind of finish to the neck edge? Don't know yet, may crochet, possibly.

Someone asked about the pattern, it's called double moss stitch, any good directory of stitches will have it in. Once I am finally finished I will write up the pattern for DD's Top including the instructions for double moss stitch, watch this space but don't hold your breath.

Other news, can't get into the craft forum :o( but will try again tomorrow, need to update info about cqrr. My last parcel has now arrived but was opened by customs. Gulp! Hope they like spiders LOL

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