Saturday, January 20, 2007


I was intending to make the Shaolwater shawl by fibretrends from this yarn.

However, because I do not know the different between 'sport' and 'fingering' *rolls eyes* I have not ordered enough of this lushious yarn. I bought the 3 skeins from a Posh Yarn One Off Wednesday sale so I can't get any more. The UK name is 4 ply of course - or at least I think it is - this is a sock yarn. I could always just make socks!

Next 'problem' is that the three, although very close, are not the same. Not sure if it's that obvious in a photo but irl they are definately different. Now, that is an expected consequence/side effect of being hand dyed and I am not annoyed about it for it's self, variety is the spice ... and all that. Plus I like both variations of the colourway (called carnival btw). But this means I don't have enough for a lot of other shawl patterns either.

The main problem is that if it isn't straight forward and easy to decide then I dither, and I dither and I ... dither! Can I make a shawl by knitting from 2 balls at one and stranding the unsued yarn up the side? No, I don't think so ... but maybe. Dither.
Perhaps do the body in the 2 that are the same and the third one for the edging? Dither.

Can I make the shawl smaller by doing fewer repeats? Yes, but how will I know I have enough left for the edging? Dither.
Shall I just choose a different pattern for which 330yds x 2 will be enough?

Like the flower basket shoulder shawl (above) perhaps? Or maybe ... dither .

How about the forest canopy shawl (below), I like that one. Is there enough yarn in 2 balls for that? Dither.

On a more decisive note, *rolls eyes*, I am making progress on the lace shawl from VLT, although I have ground to a hault with K's cardi, even though I am on the sleeves and could probably finish this with an evenings dedication. Not sure I like the colour. Dither.

Did I say more decisive? Oh dear.

If I have a fiver for every time I've got the various shawl patterns out of their places to reread the yarn requirements I'd be a rich woman.

Moral? Buy more yarn than you think you need! Hah! That idea makes me smile. :o)


gilraen said...

I think you should have more than enough for the Forest Canopy Shawl.

I recall another knitter saying that she didn't use as much yarn (KPPPM) as she thought she needed for FCS. 2 skeins instead of 3 and did 7 repeats instead of 6. Perhaps that helps but I suppose it still depends on the length of the posh yarn.

Good Luck :)

Lothlorian said...

that was me :) you could make a pretty big FBS with that, also as its a lacey pattern I think the difference in colour will be less obvious than on a non lacey pattern if you get my meaning, go for it hun it will be so pretty

Lyonheart said...

I have the same problem with getting my head around sport weight and fingering weight etc. If it helps, I'm sure you will have enough for the forest canopy shoulder shawl - I didn't need much yarn for that. Also, I don't think the yarn variations will show up too much in a lace pattern. Good luck!