Tuesday, January 16, 2007

sock stash

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In the absence of lace piccies here's a flash of the sock yarn stash. £ skeinns of Posh Yarn for a shawl, maybe Shoalwater? 5 months of Sock Club yarn (might actually make some socks from this one day *rolls eyes*), some Cherry Tree Hill (bottom right) bought on Angel Yarn Forum 2 balls of Opal for a little person's jumper and some Ladybird Opal for socks for me - maybe, I did want another ball of this to knit another little jumper but they discontinued it :o(. The royal blue is thermal sock yarn bought on eBay to knit some socks for my Grandma, as they were going to be a Christmas present for the one before last I think they may end up as something else.

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