Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The miracle that is blocking!

A teasing title really... sorry! I haven't actually done the blocking yet.

DD's trainset is all over the living room floor (known as the 'front' room in our house, but I am posh on here) and I feel too mean about putting it away to lay out my soggy yarn mass. DH took a long time to build it (the train set, that is)and it is very complicated with several levels and bridges, stations, tunnels etc.

So, plan B, I have a 'back' room too. HAHAHA. But... the back room is smaller so all the big kids' stuff (it's their room really) needs to be cleared to the sides and the floor hoovered, etc. before my precious goes onto it. Add to that the fact that I have reorganised all my craft stuff and cannot find the plastic bags I use to lay blocking out on. I have stalled.

But whilst we wait here is a photo of the preblocked but mainly finished shawl.

It took two balls of Posh Yarn Lucia with just the little bit in the bottom right of the photo left over. I did 13 repeats of the pattern after the set up rows and i LOVE it. The only place there has been any pooling of the colours is on the edging which looks great too. The yarn is soft and gorgeous to knit with, possibly my best ever knit as far as the 'process' goes, enjoyed watching it grow every stitch of the way.

So I can procrastinate no longer, I must away, to block. More later :o)

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