Monday, January 22, 2007

Dither ye not!

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I decided! More of a 'stick a pin in it' job than careful logical deduction/reasoning. VBG

So it is Leaf Lace Shawl by Fibretrends.


I was feeling especially smug at how much I had got done during the day, whilst ignoring/being hassled by little Miss 3 yrs. I was even smugger at how quickly it seemed to be growing and how 'easy' the 4 ply is after knitting with Laceweight for the VLT shawl (see earlier post).

Ha, smug comes before a fall ;o)

Sat down last night to continue and realised I had an error about 2 repeats back and with no lifeline that meant slow tinking back. Having finally found the error (further back than I thought and after many false starts) I managed just one repeat before bedtime finally broke down my reluctance and screamed at me that I had to get up in 6 hours.

Still dithering about quantities and whether there will be enough :o) Just using the two matched balls for this one and then will try to squeeze a basket shoulder shawl out of the other ball.

DD still says "are you knitting ANOTHER shawl?" and "Shawls are for old ladies!" I told her they aren't and that even if they are there is nothing wrong with being old. Actually there is a lot right with being 'old' I feel completely happy about wearing whatever I like whenever I want to for a start. That is more than Madame 13 yrs can say, she of the Goth/Emo cross always dressed in black or bright pink! Hahahha. Shawls Rock!

PS Colour much better in real life btw.


Lothlorian said...

wow looking great I still thin you will get away with using the third ball if you need to ;)

thats a shawl pattern I havent bought yet but may do now i see it ;)

Christina said...

that's looking lovely, I must attempt this pattern some time. I like the yarn, it's a really nice colour :)

gilraen said...

It's looking lovely :)

The shawl shows the colours very well :)