Monday, January 15, 2007

Still Plodding

Ok, still at it! Up to 26 repeats now, need 49 in total so I'm more than half way there - which feels good :o)

Have also finished the fronts for the little girl's cardi in Snowflake - I'll try to get the scanner to work to add a photo *rolls eyes at technical ineptitude* Started the back last night. Meant to just cast on but there were only 6 rows of rib and before I knew it I was flying up the back. Lovely quick knit after the lace :o) Lace so far seems flawless (famous last words) so that is making me smile.

Bought some venetian blinds for the bay window and took down the curtains and roman blinds - suddenly my room is so much bigger, I like that so that is making me smile too :o) I have to keep opening and closing them! Because I can.

Nearly forgot to say, I went a bit spendy *blushes* at last nights Posh Yarn Sunday sale bought some more lace and some DK in yummy colours I'll share when it arrives. Their postal service is usually excellent, I hope it s as good when Dee relocates to Wales as at the mo. I usually get my parcel the day after it is posted.

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