Sunday, February 03, 2008


Just a few thoughts.

Do you save the best for last? I do. Eat all the rest first and keep the favourite until the end. First time through the Chocolate Tasting box to try them all, then second time in reverse order, best last.

Do you buy yarn by eye or squishiness? For me it is colour every time. Maybe it's an antidote to our grey cold winter that I favour the rich bright & strong colours in winter and pastel prettiness in summer. Maybe it's the practice of internet shopping which by it's nature precludes the squishing. I would have bought lots of alpaca before now if I'd been able to squish it sooner. *sigh*

Do you wonder how the post office manages to loose so many parcels from one company when others never seem to have any problems? Also why do parcels from just down the road take longer to get here than ones from the other end of the country?

I guess that it must be due to the stages of the journey. It makes sense to me that if a company's mail has to go through a sorting office that has problems, then those parcels will be more prone to not being delivered than if parcels from the same company are going to a different location and do not have to pass through the problem sorting office. The closer the problem to the original sending point then the more parcels will go through that sorting office no matter where their ultimate destination. For example I have seen on documentaries in the past that London offices have more crime and more casual staff. But that programm was in relation to cheque book theft; is someone stockpiling yarn? Surely not. Whilst you or I might be tempted by all those squishy parcels, surely the average postie is not neccesarily a secret sock knitter, is he/she? So where do all the lost parcels go. I have a dreadful image of a mountain of lost yarny mail languishing in a dark corner of the Royal Mail. Perhaps a mountaineering expedition should be mounted to the furthest reaches of the royal mail's sorting outposts to discover the wonders of Mount Lostyarn.

I wonder also how it is that such a small thing transforms a 'bad' day into a 'good' day. Many of these small things are very closely related to my interactions with other people and are as fleeting as a shared glance or a small child's smile. I ponder on how glorious a babies ability to laugh and on the transformative power of that chuckle. Sadly, I think there are too many people who miss these miracles that happen every day under their noses whilst their focus is elsewhere. Too busy, too stressed, too preoccupied by bigger' concerns to see the wonders in our own lives. I am amazed to find mself in the glorious position of having another opportunity to 'parent' now that my own children are grown so rapidly. The eldest was 18 this week (where did those years go) and much of his childhood was filled for me by personal worrries and difficulties - I wonder how many of his chuckles I missed? Not in a melancholy way, you understand, just musing. And feeling very priviledged.

OK off to examine my own personal Mount Yarn to see what to start next.

PS Project Club cardi nearly done, should be onto the finishing tomorrow.
PPS Flamingo found :o) isn't the internet a wonderful thing.
PPPS when they invent some kind of teleportation my yarn will arrive instantly with the click of my mouse, then imagine the yarn mountain I'll have :o)


Queen of the froggers said...

Pondering is good, it helps us understand the important things in life! Glad you got hold of the Flamingo.

raker said...

The mail thing drives me mad too - I've ordered 2 parcels from Hipknits that never turned up - in fact the second one was a replacement for the first - and way back in the mists of time I knitted something for Kerrie that she never received either. I know the problem is not at this end, because I receive loads of other yarns successfully - Get Knitted, Knitting Goddess, Posh Yarn, ebay, Angel Yarns, even Elann stuff makes it here, and our tiny local sorting office have on occasion hand-delivered something addressed to me by first name only, separately from our "official delivery".

It's maddening, but must be even more maddening for those trying to run a business that depends on it.

Anonymous said...

WHOAH! way too ethereal for me....are you ok? Doesn't help that I've just discovered Partick Morre is still on tv.... Fran xxx

YarnSnob said...

hey"!!! you ok?? lol..too much pondering makes ya go crazy, sit down, knit, have a glass of wine, put your feel up, no more pondering pls!!!....or you'll get me started :)hee hee of my parcels never got to the reciptant, i wonder who's knitting with it now..or what they're doing with it.....ponders, where's my sock yarn i ordered....ponders.....