Saturday, February 23, 2008

Aren't photographs frustrating

This lovely sage bamboo yarn from the yarn yard arrived yesterday and no matter how hard I try I can't get the colours just right. Here's my best attempt but see it a little greener please.

I want to make this into something to wrap up on the beach with, Debbie knit this with this yarn. Very nice :o)
I am thinking spring walks on the beach where, in Northumberland, even on a mild day you still need a wrap to keep off the chill, especially as the sun wont have too much strength in it yet. In a shetlered spot a 100% wool yarn might be too warm and I am promised a superior drape with this yarn, it's a light fingering weight or 4 ply, 470+ meters per 100gm skein. Itching to get started with it. Hmmmm!

In the meantime I cast on for my possum lace stole; for now it's horseshoe lace, I'll decide whether to add another pattern later.

Possum Stole
Using 4mm circ and a lace cast on, CO 91 stitches k1, k2tog, YO, k1 for the edge, knit 7 repeats of horseshoe lace, knit edge again reversing. Wrong side rows are purl with first and last stitches knit, throughout.

Continue as set, repeat 11ish times ... to be continued ...

off to photograph my start and the chart...

here they are,
first for colours,
second to show laceiness

and finally the chart

Please ask if anything isn't clear. Thanks :o)


Kai said...

That yarn is gorgeous and somethind drapey and spring-like sounds ideal.

Love the horse shoe pattern as well. :)

kathryn said...

Your possum stole is looking lovely...gorgeous colours and I'm looking forward to seeing more!
I've got some purply/greyish YarnYard bamboo and like your sage, a difficult one to photo. Montego Bay would suit it very well!

Queen of the froggers said...

That yarrn yard yarn looks great, must try that one day! I like your stole, beautiful colours.

ContinentalCat said...

You've tempted me, I'm going to dig out my Possum and join you with the Horseshoe.

Sussex Yorkie said...

The Bamboo yarn is lovely to knit with, hope you agree.