Thursday, February 21, 2008

Round and round and round we go ...

... and where we stop nobody knows. Well I know, but I'm not there yet.

No point doing a photograph of the pi as it looks pretty much like before. One more row and I can do the last increase then 'just' keep going for as long as I can and add the edging. Probably the godmother's lace edging but maybe the gull thingy like Brooklyn Tweed, haven't fully decided. But it's a slog getting round those rows maybe I'll start with a big cast on next time and decrease as I go :o)

The jury is unanimous on the possum lace so I must cast on, larger size needles it is, I'll be writing this one up as a free pattern for my blog so I may do it as a knit along first. The possum is lovely yarn and the colours are great but any mohair blend will have a similar look, kidsilk haze, would be one alternative, I'll have a look for a few others. The lace pattern is called horseshoe lace, just need to decide whether to add another stitch pattern or go for a full stole of the one pattern. problem is I get bored part way through and a new pattern keeps me going :o)I'm just a lace whore :o)

So eye candy today comes in the form of natalie's yarn yard sock
yarn 009
yarn 007
yarns and some beautiful lace I got from her a while ago.
yarn 008
Natalie is a lovely friendly, helpful lady who is enthusiastic about her yarn and very happy to help you get the yarn you want. She'll dye to order if you have a colour you're looking for and is a really good communicator, go have a chat, you'll see what I mean. The lace is beautiful subtle and quite unique - very gently variegated in great sympathetic colourways, very 'grown up' sophisticated yarn. My next project will be in some bamboo mix I just ordered from her, summer is on the way, so cool and classy is in order I think :o)

I also received my Posh today
ahhhh that's better.
Must live until I am a gazillion years old so I have time to knit it all.
My other yarny arrival this week is from HipKnits lovely - more mohair marvellousness
yarn 006.
That would make a nice stole too, and lovely colours for a day on the beach, as the evening falls and a chill wind hurries you home, pull the stole around your shoulders and linger a little while longer whilst the last light fades, ahhh, don't you wish it were summer now?

And finally, on a pattern note have you seen the Yarn Harlot's post today? Now, that's a cardi I would like to knit!


Soo said...

What lovely yarns. I love the variety in the colours as well -- a little bit of everything to suit your latest whim!!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love all that yarn, I have just done my first order from the yarn yard so will look forward to that!

YarnSnob said...

lovely lace from Nat, must raid your yarn stash