Monday, February 04, 2008

Please go see these

First this - go support a good cause, as Monkee Maker says if a lot of people give a little, then a little will soon become a lot.

Secondly, my Tom has been writting some music, I like this one, why not see if you do too and say 'hi' whilst you're there, eveyone likes to know someone is listening sometimes.

Meanwhile this *drool*


and this *drool drool*


more lovely Dee and Tony magic over at Posh Yarn. Ok eye candy fix taken - back to the Project Club salt mine - remind me never to knit for other people again, I'm at the 'put it in a bag in the naughty corner and leave it for a long time' stage but I can't, I really haven't got any choice but to finish it and I do know it will be great when it's finished. Maybe this is why I don't knit clothes :o) Note to self - stick to lace in future :o)


Queen of the froggers said...

I love the black yarn, I can never get it together to get those Posh goodies in time!

Anonymous said...

oh no - I am so sorry. If you want to send it over and I'll finish it off I don't mind. Honestly. kerrie xx

Anonymous said...

Love the posh yarn....what are you knitting (or shouldn't we ask?) my Della is back in the bag behind the sofa (my equivalent of the norty corner) and I'm back doing a mindless hairy scarf...I will finish her, maybe next week, when I come out of hospital and am forced to stay in one place for hours at a time.... Fran x (no blog, therefor anon...but you know who I am!)

Fiona said...

Oooh, lovely yarn.