Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monkey Madness

Go see Monkee Maker and find out if you won. Or, just go watch the nailbiting excitement that is the draw video.

In other monkey news, Molly the Monkey came to stay at our house. Molly belongs to K's reception class and visits a different class member each weekend. K was so excited on Friday she nearly burst as she flew through the doors shouting "I've got Molly, I've got Molly!" and waving the said monkey in her book bag as she ran towards us.

We, not knowing of the existence of the wonderful Molly prior to her arrival, were somewhat dumbfounded. However, always willing to rise to a challenge, especially where it involves the glee of a little Miss, we welcomes Molly into our home. Here is what happened:

Friday is sweetie day at K's house, I helped her eat her chocolate

Whilst she was smiling for the camera I took a big bite :o)

K's mummy let me climb her trees (when she wasn't looking)!

K introduced me to all her cuddley friends, I rather liked the handsome monkey ;o)

Isn't he dishy?

K taught us how to play Twister, I am rather good at it , as you can see.

We also played dominos

I let him win the Frustration in the interest of Monkey : Monkey relations *winks*

I was very good at Chess

The Janga wasn't quite so successful!

To make him feel better I ready him a story

It worked! He felt much better :o)

I was feeling quite good myself!

In fact we were getting on so well, that he showed me his Thomas.

After that I needed something to eat! Luckily K had made some buns so I was in luck.

Then it was time for bed.
No monkey was harmed in the making of this story and the school version was slightly different


Twinkle Toes said...

Glad "he" only showed her is Thomas and not his JOHN Thomas ;o)

Nevisknitter said...

Molly seemed to enjoy her stay at yours. Bet the teacher would enjoy your version of mollys visit. My son will be bringing Ted the teddy home this term, hope he enjoys himself as much as molly did.

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Jacqui,

It's great to see the Monkey Madness at your house, it looks like much fun was had over the weekend ;)

Thanks for the links about my raffle but PLEASE don't encourage to go and watch THAT video!!!