Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Flowers in the Rain?

The latest issue of Yarn Forward has my first published design in it.
There are two errors in the magazine.
the symbols in the key are reversed for the knit and sl2, k1, psso.
The empty squares are knit and the
_ symbol is the sl2, k1, psso
also in the mesh chart box it should read
lace charts are read from right to left on the right side rows and from left to right on wrong side rows

The design was originally intended for an earlier issue and has been renamed by YF. It was originally named 'Flowers in Sunshine and Snow' or FiSS

If anyone needs pattern support please do contact me here or on Ravelry as I would be very happy to help. :)


Soo said...

Well, whatever weather the flowers are in - they are gorgeous!


Anonymous said...


West Bremerton florist

Anonymous said...

Oh is this issue 6? Is it out?

Oh well done it looks fantastic