Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ravelry has eaten my blogging!

1woolfest 003
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Can't believe I haven't introduced you to Julia yet! You see I went to Woolfest and she came home with me LOL I also bought this little lot
1woolfest 002
so, as you can see, it was a good day out and I will be going again next year. Next time with more of a plan, I can't tell you how many stalls I made a mental note to go back and look at later but then didn't get time for. It was great, I needed longer, there was too much choice :)

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BabyLongLegs said...

Gah...if only I'd known you were going we could have met up!!!
You might have seen me anyway, I was there for all the days....milling about :)
I have one of Amber's bags too :)

S xXx