Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tour de France & Tour de Fleece


Yesterday was the beginning of the real tour and the knitting/spinning ouns run (or cycle) along side). I watched the tour on ITV4 and was annoyed by the adverts every 2 minutes (or so it seemed) so for the rest of the tour will be watching the highlights :)

On the spinning front the fabulous fibre from theyarnyard arrived right on time and it's great. I had been planning to combine both challenges by spinning enough fibre to then knit a BSJ but the fibre changed my plans as I see it, especially the grey/back as a laceweight which will be a challenge in itself. So that is my project for the Tour de Fleece to spin a consistent laceweight.

I didn't want to knit BSJ in black or in laceweight so I thought I'd change my challenge for the Tour de France KAL. I have a project which could do with a serious boost as I am finally getting married at the end of August. I have a stole on the needles using the pink sampler pattern from VLT. It's in cream Cecilia form Posh Yarn and I need to knit at least 10 rows a day to stay on target for getting it finished. Easy enough you might think but I am already days behind LOL so I am using the KAL to get cracking on the stole. Climbing my own mountain as I am the Queen of WIP - if I do manage to get in finished during the tour I will move on to other WIP.

I'll add some photographs later today, baby wants me now :)

Hugs to all Tour Knitters and Spinners and 'Bon Chance'


Anonymous said...

Good Luck, I didn't do French at school!!

gemma said...

Bon chance mon ami. Looking forward to seeing a photo.