Wednesday, July 23, 2008


1spindle4 006a
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My tour spinning is complete, but I have decided to add a final challenge, spinning laceweight on a spindle.

If you remember my first spindle spinning

1spindle3 001a

it was soooo good (not) that I was doubtful about the wisdom of trying again. But, spurred on by the craving to take spinning on holiday, undaunted by the sending back of Julia (for repair - sob!), I decided to have another go. What had I got to loose? Natalie at theyarnyard is doing spindle kits so I sent for a new spindle. I was so impressed by my last attempt at spindling that I gave my spindle from Claire away. Ho hum.

Having had a wheel for a while I have learnt to predraft and this time I did much better with the spindle because of that.

1spindle2 003a
I wound the centre pull ball
1spindle2 004a
and plied this single on my spindle too
1spindle2 005a
and I finished off with this
1spindle2 009a
So my tour spinning has wheel spun on the Julia, spindle spun and plied and the yellow and green were spun on the Ashford Traditional.

Ravelry is a great resource and the support and encouragement there meant I decided to try a little finer spinning with the 'packing' which came with my spindle and, ta da, I made this

1spindle4 007a

still a little thicker and thinner in places :) but lush and so very satisfying, and this means I can take fibre on holiday. Another thing Ravelry is great for is sharing your success. The non-spinners in my house just think I have really gone bonkers now and managed a patronising "yeh, well done, Mum" between the rolling eyes heavenwards and the 'what's the big deal' shrugs, but within minutes of putting the last photo on Ravelry the phone rang and Natalie was there to say 'well done' properly. Isn't the internet wonderful?

Meanwhile all of everything I post has already been on Ravelry these days and I am beginning to wonder if the blog is superfluous? What do you think? Did Ravelry kill the blog?


Nevisknitter said...

People are still stopping by and seeing new things on the blog, we might all be in Ravelry but we dont all share the same groups and its nice to read the story behind some of the pictures.

Saira said...

Don't stop blogging, I love reading blogs and would hate it if I had to stalk everyone round Ravelry. I'd probably get arrested or something.

Anonymous said...

I've just had a look at your photos from Woolfest and found a photo of your cards for spinning. What a great idea.

Mind if I pinch it? I have started a book but no yarn samples, that's what's missing.