Saturday, November 26, 2005

all that jazz block

all that jazz block
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Finally, I have made a start to the block for the all that jazz fundraiser. I made the foundation bigger than the 9" in the instructions so that I can put it in a hoop for the hand work. Then I drew a 9" square in the centre and sewed my fabrics onto the foundation. I was very unsure about some of my fabric choices. The colour palette suggested was purple, green and gold (mardis gras colours) with hot pink, red, bright blue and orange to jazz it up.

The photo, which I took with natural light to give the closest to true colours, shows how low the sun is here at the moment - today is the 26th November and it is hardly peeking over the garden wall. So lots of long shadowsalthough it's not even 1pm yet :).

So now the real work begins and today the gallery for the finished blocks went up at inaminuteago. Stiff competition but I'm not competeing just sending in an also ran so maybe it wont matter if I miss the deadline and the voting Sharon can just add my contribution to the other items for auction other than the main quilt. If I get my skates on i should still make Dec.8th but it will be cutting it fine :)

It's nice to be doing another project like the bags of fun which I can blog with a clear conscience without spoiling the surprise for a swap partner.

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belle said...

Good work Jammy, you must have got your skates on and got it done after the pm you sent me... ignore the bit where I asked for a photo :)

Like your colours, they fit the theme well, will enjoy seeing your embellishing progress.

Off to stitch mine now !