Thursday, November 03, 2005

DD sews first seam treatment

Sorry no photo :( but DD has sewn her first contribution to a CQ RR for Mary's block (pictured in the post below) Mairead added a whipped Running stitch to the seam above where I worked my little bead and shisha garden. She chose the colours (purple & yellow) and did all the sewing herself. She also attached the violin charm which Belle very kindly sent with the block after she had added her cats in the flower garden. DD has provarocated ever since the block arrived, saying she didn't want to add anything because she would spoil it. But she did a great job and I am really pleased that in the end the 'doing of it' was quietly confident and decisive. See, the 'thinking about it' is much harder than the 'doing'. So now it is posted to Butterfly-Blue - go on Joy, not too much thinking and enjoy the doing :)


Leeanne said...

What a proud mum. It is really heart warming when your kids do something that you do.

Maureen said...

Good on you,Mairead!The first stitches are always the hardest,and now you can FLY!