Friday, November 11, 2005

Christmas Ornies

Just a quick progress report this evening :)

I have actually made some progress on the Christmas ornies! Yes, I have started them! Will post piccies tomorrow of the shapes on the naked blocks and the work so far. Trying to stick to a limited palette but not sure how successful this will be until I do a bit more on them, reserving judgment - think I made the naked blocks a bit too colourful with the gold as well as the creams, maybe I should have saved the gold for the embroidery? Anyway, as I said - photos tomorrow.

Also OTK (on the kneedles) I have a shrug/poncho/shawl thing for my niece for Christmas. The pattern calls for Rowan Biggy print but this means buying more yarn and I am trying an experiment to use some of my wool stash. The yarn is very thick and lumpy - I can't do lumpy but 3 strands of Aran in different but complementary shades of purple should be thick enough. Now, I know I should do a tension square first to check but, hey, why break the habits of a lifetime? So no tension square just lots of lovely chunky knitting - size 15mm kneedles too - like knitting with broom handles :)

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