Monday, November 21, 2005

New Years Resolutions - what already?

Yep, I'm resolving already :) Firstly I will knit some jumpers in the round to avoid the sewing up problem - I'm useless at it!

Secondly I will design something, still have more crone in me (now, no comments please) so it may be her, but I'd like to do an expanded version of that figure from my bags of fun bag. Perhaps I'll start with a stitchery, I have a hankering to use some blackwork on a cq too so who knows but my resolution is not to leave my fledgling designing where it is at the moment - untested.

The previous post was a bit of frivolousness. How can everyone's birthdate say such lovely things about each person? But it did spark a little self examination! Perish the thought! My conclusion is that my crafting in the past has more often than not been about comfort and ease and that it is time I tried a little harder and risked making mistakes and getting things wrong because maybe they will actually be right and worth the extra effort.

I have done a few projects recently, the doll for a swap for example, where I have worked outside my usual boundaries but once again I have played it safe with following the pattern to the T. So look out 2006 is my year for going beyond ...

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