Friday, November 18, 2005

Displacement activity - knitting gloves

As I have too many Christmas porjects and not enough time I have, of course, found myself spending increasing amounts of time on the computer, displacement activity.

In the past when studying for exams I have taken an unnatural (and uncharacteristic)interest in housework, displacement activity.

When working to a deadline that is fast approaching I find myself wandering around the shops browsing items I have no intention of buying, displacement activity.

Anywa,y during my cybersurfing, displacement activity, I followed serveral links, displacement activity, to find a pattern for handknitted gloves.

Wow, what a wonderful displacement actitvity. But this one is even better than all of the above as it is in installments so I have to wait between each installment for the next, procrastinators paradise! Additionally I need to order yarn and then wait for it to be delivered.

Will I ever get the sewing projects for Christmas finished? Me thinks not, I foresee a trip to the shops for last minute presents for friends and family who might be expecting handsewn gifts and not reeiving them unless of course they want a pair of handknitted gloves!


~Silvia~ said...

Isn't displacement activity great??
Love it as much as crafting and share almost equal time with it

belle said...

But when will you get the clapotis done if you're busy making gloves :)

Just make sure you don't 'displace' my angel vbg

Helen Suzanne said...

lol I'm sure someone will love knitted gloves for chirstmas ;)) I'm so doing this DA too... even starting several new fabric-art pieces instead of making the presents. Hmm now there's a trick next time we have a artistic block... just pretend it's almost christmas!